Hunting Schools 

As hunter prove themselves within their house they will eventually be noticed for their skills and promoted to a specialized hunting school. Joining one of these schools gives the character access to a plethora of unique items, including core items which would otherwise be inaccessible. Each of the hunting houses opens into two distinct hunting schools.


Bruiser >

Damage dealing powerhouses on the battlefield. Using their Iron Skeleton battleframes Bruisers are capable of delivering blows with unbridled ferocity. Fighters within this school prefer heavy hitting melee weapons, although bringing along a shield is also quite common. These warriors are front-line combatants which makes them exposed to lethal attacks from monsters. This however is no problem however for a Bruiser who typically relishes in a life of danger.


Trapper >

Patient hunters who move in the shadows. Trappers work to get an edge in the battle before it even begins; lying in wait concealed by their Auto-Ghillie suits. These sly trackers prefer ranged weapons, ideal for engaging enemies from cover. The Trapper gains their name from the arsenal of devious mechanisms they employ to ensnare unsuspecting targets. These lithe hunters are a blessing when fighting powerful beasts.


Oracle >

Mystical sages that guide and support those in need. Oracles use the science of arcane astrology to divine the future through an Astral Compass. These wise mystics can be found wielding all manner of weapons since their true fight is made before the battle. By manipulating the fate of their party Oracles can change the tide of combat. These soothsayers also employ all manner of alchemical ingredients to aide their party, making them a first choice for supporting a hunt.

< Guardian

Stalwart defenders of any party. Guardians stand between their group and danger, blocking themselves from harm with an Auto-Buckler shield. The mighty combatants of this school prefer melee weapons, especially anything that will give them an advantage for staying alive. Guardians are known for being a bulwark in the field. They make it a commitment to not only slay their foes, but to keep their group protected.


< Ranger

Nimble specialists within a hunting group. The Ranger excels at dealing damage from afar, assisted with info from a head mounted Spotting Glass. Those who study within this school mostly use ranged weapons as they are best suited for the work. These swift trackers also possess a number of supply items with which they can disable and interrupt their foes, making them a valuable asset on the battlefield.


< Arcanist

Fiery scholars who manipulate corruption with devastating results. Arcanists are both a blessing to their allies and bane to their enemies by using a Malveus Torch. This clockwork contraption allows these academics to imbue their weapon, whatever it may be, with vile energy. Arcanists are the leading experts in Solum on all variety of topics concerning magic and corruption. This makes them invaluable in the field; especially on matters concerning bonds and Akuma.