The Rules 

When designing Soulbound we sought to make a rules system that would be easy to understand, fun to play, and reflective of the game's themes. Soulbound is played using exclusively six-sided dice. When taking an action players will roll a number of dice equal to a corresponding stat, such as Perception. Each roll of a 5 or 6 is considered a success, and more successes means a better chance of completing the task at hand. 


Rolling actions in combat works the same, but characters are only allowed so many opportunities. Each unit in a battle starts the round with 3 Action Tokens, or AT. These tokens must be used to Move, Attack, Block, and so forth. By doing this players are forced to balance risk and reward. If they wish to spend all three AT wildly slashing away at a beast they may do so, but they will be caught entirely off guard when the creature swipes its massive paws. 

Soulbound takes place in a gritty and unforgiving world, and the rules should reflect this. Values will be rounded down, enemies will pose a real threat, and players will die often if they travel unprepared. Characters can not hope to win many encounters by attacking head on. Instead our travelers must use arcane powers, hunting supplies, and special technologies to have a fighting chance.