Wielders are ordinary people who have been blessed (or perhaps cursed) with a soulbound weapon. These weapons, also known as a Bonds, are granted onto a handful of humans at an early age and will reappear even when cast away. The chosen few who possess such objects are the focal point of much conflict throughout the realm of Solum. It is their immense potential for individual power that attracts a plethora of enemies and allies alike. Wielders will often find themselves beset upon by kings, dukes, warlords, and any others seeking their unique abilities. When fortune favors them, this can mean unimaginable wealth and prestige, however it is rare that a wielder will even live long enough to get this far.

Influential figures are not the only ones seeking wielders however, as their power attracts mythical beasts and worst of all, Akuma. For this reason alone a wielder's life will often be plagued by a trail of ruin and despair. They find themselves turned away from small villages, greeted at gunpoint in cities, and distanced from their comrades for fear of the chaos they might bring. Due to this unique situation wielders will often form together in small groups or pairs, as having companions similar to themselves increases their odds of survival as well as their potential.


While such groups can alter the course of history not all wielders become powerful world changing figures. Many attempt to hide their gift, which they consider a curse. Some are executed by the paranoid or are cast out by locals at too young of an age to realize their potential. It is quite common for battle ready wielders to offer a village protection from roaming beasts in return for a place to stay, so long as they keep out of trouble. Despite their way of living the fate of all wielders is dying young or living long enough to become the monsters people claim them to be.