Hunting Houses

As humans grew in numbers and expanded to every corner of Solum it became apparent that their fight for survival would be unending. The relentless hoards of deceivers would consume anything in sight, and the vengeful Akuma would remain ever elusive. Humans would have to learn to adapt, and this struggle brought innovation. Through this struggle three distinct Hunting Houses were formed.

The House of Battle, House of Scouting, and House of Occult were each formed to meet a certain need of humanity such as combat, exploration, or research. These factions, unaligned with any one nation, will cooperate by sharing supplies and hunting lodges across Solum, although the Houses themselves remain independent. Despite their differing views and methods each of these organizations is unified by their goal to defend the people of Solum and slay the beasts that threaten them. 

While most house members are not wielders, many wielders join hunting houses. Some wielders are snatched at an early age to be raised as hunters, others join a house to have an accepted role in society where the will not be feared or shunned. This relationship is mutually beneficial. Wielders receive a plethora of useful hunting supplies whereas the houses can employ these individuals and their unique skills. 


House of Scouting

The house specialized in the reconnaissance and hunting. The House of Scouting evolved from a need to fight beasts outside the city walls. The scouts of this house are known for their hawkish perception and fox-like agility. The House of Scouting is preferred by those with ranged or support weapons who like to assist their allies from a distance, or meld into shadows to hear unnerving secrets. Members of this house may go on to join the Ranger or Trapper schools. Many criticize the House of Scouting for becoming thieves and rogues.




House of Battle

The house for engaging in head on combat. When a crisis arises those from the House of Battle are first to charge into the fray. Their warriors possess devastating strength and tireless endurance. The House of Battle is favored by those who use melee weapons and prefer direct combat with the enemy. Those aligned with this house may join the schools of Bruisers or Guardians. Many criticize the House of Battle for becoming mercenaries and cutthroats.


House of Occult

The house concerning all things arcane and eldritch. This study of magic developed from the need to combat and understand humanity's greatest threats. The scholars of this house are known for their limitless knowledge and devilish cunning. The House of Occult is for hunters who wish to aide their party through study over swordsmanship. Researchers within this house may join the Oracle or Arcanist schools. Many criticize the House of Occult for being heretics and necromancers.