Weapon Forge

Soulbound's core concept of arming characters with individual weapons, fragments of their soul, would mean nothing if the weapons themselves were not unique in every case. Because of this Soulbound comes equipped with a random weapon roller. These weapons can be generated randomly through the rulebook by rolling dice or by the click of a button down below. Weapons are assembled using three different builds. Single weapons are granted a unique trait. Paired builds have the character's soul split between weapons. Combined builds merge two existing weapons together for something entirely new. Each soulbound weapon begins the game with a single power as well. Between these three builds, 100 weapons and 60 arcane powers there exist billions of possible combinations, each one the beginning of a wielder's destiny. 

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FORGE WEAPONS (powers not updated)


ANIMATED - Takes to the air, animating itself to attack foes or protect its wielder. 

BLINDING - Emits a blinding light from the weapon which stuns enemies in a radius.

BLOOD THIRSTY - A wielder may inflict damage upon themselves to imbue this bond with energy. 

BREACHING - Hits hard surfaces with incredible force, useful for breaking through doors and walls. 

BRIDGING - Capable of opening 2 portals which connect those points in space. 

CORROSIVE - Turns metal to rust, useful against armor and frustrating mechanisms. 

DAMNING - Places a mark upon its target which causes harm as those around them are injured.

DEATHLY - Allows its wielder to converse with the dead. 

DEVASTATING - Consumes an incredible amount of energy to deliver a blow with ungodly force. 

DIVINE- Deals extra damage to corrupted foes, but not those of Vanity. 

EXPLOSIVE - When activated, delivers an explosive attack. 

FERTILE - Grows a bed of moving vegetation underfoot which supports its allies. 

FESTERING - Leaves wounds that fester and rot away limbs. 

FLAME IMBUED - Sets the weapon on fire, giving it a chance to set enemies ablaze as well. 

FORM SHIFTING - May transform into any other weapon temporarily.

FROST IMBUED - Coated in a layer of ice the weapon chills and slows enemies. 

FURIOUS - Arcane energy grants the weapon extra damage and grows stronger with each attack. 

INSANE - Has a chance to induce madness in its target, sending them into a state of hysteria. 

LIGHTNING IMBUED - Swathed in lightning the weapons attack may chain electricity between foes. 

LUNAR - Catches the moons energy and infuses it with the weapon. 

PESTILENT- Spreads disease in an area around the weapon, weakening and slowing enemies nearby.

PETRIFYING - May turn its target to stone, petrifying part or all of the enemy. 

POISONED - The weapon may coat itself in a lethal poison.

POSSESSIVE - When attacking the weapon has a chance to gain control of weak-minded foes. 

PROPHETIC- The wielder may speak a misfortune unto the world to occur within a days time.

PROTECTIVE - Forms an arcane shield which hovers near the weapon. 

RESTORATIVE - Heals injuries and mends broken bones. 

SANGUINE - Drains the life from its targets and transfers it to the wielder. 

SOUL CAPTURING - Stores enemies souls as energy to be used in a powerful attack. 

SUPERHEATED - Turns the weapon red hot, dealing extra damage and melting through armor. 

SYMBIOTIC - Tendrils burst from the weapon and grip its wielder's arms, boosting strength. 

TALKING - The weapon may speak to the wielder telepathically, sometimes proving helpful, usually not. 

THOUGHT STEALING - May obtain information from the target's mind when attacking. 

TOTEMIC - Transforms the weapon into one of three animal forms. 

VOLCANIC- Tears a portion of earth asunder, exposing enemies to magma and sulfur below.

WIND IMBUED - Strikes move with the fury of the wind, knocking away foes with each attack.