Akuma are the most powerful, world-shaping inhabitants within the plane of Solum. For humans, these arcane monstrosities are both the greatest prey and the ultimate predator. The commoners of Solum only whisper of such beings by lamplight, fearful what such talk might bring. Anyone who has seen and actually lived to tell of such a beast will describe a nightmare given life. Those who are well studied know that the most powerful of these old ones possess strength akin to a god's. 

Known also as Trueborn, the ancient beings are direct descendants of Solum itself. In ages passed the Akuma were a prosperous people who erected a sprawling utopia for themselves, but countless millenia of spreading corruption transformed the Akuma into twisted abominations.  Now these arcane devils live in secrecy, pushed into hiding by the rise of man. Despite this, the corruption has made them stronger and more dangerous than ever before. A cornered animal fights twice as hard. 

Akuma possess an arsenal of powers to control the world around them. Such a monster can change its form at will (even into that of a human), possess creatures lesser than itself, and corrupt the environment in which it dwells. These demons are adaptable and malicious. Akuma can be found buried within Solum's oldest ruins or hiding in plain sight as a prominent figures. Regardless, it is the duty of man to lay such creatures in the grave.